Our Brand

4 of-ten comes with dual meaning.

4/10*24hours=9.6hours meaning you can wear for most time as daily wear.

4 of-ten=for often, meaning you can wear it often for any occasion.
4 of-ten is an independent brand that turns activewear into daily wear.

Inspired by the fear of being average, we are redesigning and redefining activewear that can be worn

anywhere for any occasion. The studio-to-street collection won’t let anyone down!
Active: Ready to engage in physically energetic pursuits.

Brave: Showing courage. Not caring about others.Breaking the boundaries.

Confident: Boosting your confidence. Having attitude about fashion and life


0 barely feel
Versatile high-stretch
Smooth feel
Moves follow your moves
Beats with your heart


1-ribbed looking
Essential from studio to street
4-way stretchy
Soft enough to lounge
Supportive enough to move in.

4+~™ fabric

~wave vibes
Lightweight yet warming
Chill for light practice/ street/ lounging
Cotton feeling


7 days all-week wearable
Cotton feeling
Matte finish


Wear to go